Escrow Transaction Types

SecurePay™ offers a wide variety of escrow transaction types.
Easily trade any of the following goods or services.

  • General merchandise trading (e.g. phones, computers, jewellery, art)

    Easily trade any item with a once-off EFT payment to SecurePay™ including a minimal escrow fee.


  • Vehicle sales (e.g. cars, trucks, motorbikes)

    Safely trade any vehicle! Get it roadworthied, ensure that it isn't stolen, then transfer it to your name.


  • Digital goods sales (e.g. domain names, websites, design files, cryptocurrency)

    Domain name trading can be a tricky business. Make sure you get the domain you paid for by first transferring it to SecurePay™!


  • Milestone payments (e.g. building or contractual work)

    Milestone payments ensure that both the buyer and the seller are guaranteed to receive their dues at each stage of the job.


  • Cryptocurrency escrow (e.g. for escrow transactions where payment is in Bitcoins)

    SecurePay™ has experience trading multiple Cryptocurrencies, making sure you get your money's worth.


  • New: Buy Bitcoins directly from SecurePay™!

    We now offer direct sale of bitcoins directly to the public at excellent rates!


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SecurePay™ Safety Guide

At SecurePay™, your safety comes first! Follow these simple guidelines to keep yourself protected and ensure a successful transaction.

check online
Check Online

Always double check the transaction status online at before handing over the goods! Remember, SecurePay™ will never alert you by SMS.

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Exchange the Code

Don't forget to trade the goods for the SecurePay™ Reference Code from the Buyer!

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Wait for the Payment Notification

Do not courier the goods or meet with the second party before you have seen on the website that the funds are safely in SecurePay™'s bank account.

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Let Someone Know Where You Are

Always let a colleague or loved one know when you are going to do a handover, and give them the SecurePay™ number 021 200 7844 to phone if they can't get hold of you.

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Transact in a Safe Place

If you exchange goods in person, always do so during the day in a secure™ public place, such as a mall, police station or traffic department.

check online
When in Doubt, Phone Us

SecurePay™ is here to help and will advise on best practice for your safety. If anything goes wrong, phone us immediately on 021 2007844.

SecurePay - Buy and sell safely online

Whether you are building a new home or developing a complex website, the SecurePay™ Milestone Transaction service makes sure that payments are made on time as each specified phase is completed, so that both parties know they are getting what was agreed to. Avoid misunderstandings about the nature of the work and the pain of contractors running off with your money before the job is complete. Say goodbye to corrupt individuals not paying you for your hard work! SecurePay™ is the safest way to conduct escrow milestone transactions for general service contracts.

Buy or sell goods and services safely online! Never again worry about whether or not you will get the money, end up with damaged goods, or compromise your own safety. Our simple and innovative system lets you know when the money is safely in our trust account, so that you only transfer the goods once the money is secured. Using SecurePay™ escrow dramatically decreases the chance of getting scammed, allowing you to trade with peace of mind. If the goods or services are not as advertised, you can safely return them and reclaim your money, less a minimal fee.